Ladies, find the right bra fit!

Provided below is a ‘Do It Yourself’ on how to determine your right bra size. 

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself or would much rather prefer someone with experience then you may always go to a lingerie or intimate clothing store; just ask for a bra fitting and most any place will gladly do it for free.


Remember to stand up straight and maintain a natural and relaxed posture. Note that it may be helpful to have someone else measure you, though it is quite simple to do this yourself.

Band Size:

To determine your band size, wrap a tape measure around your rib cage just below your bust; note that the tape should be leveled and snug around your body. Be sure to measure in inches.

If your measurement is close to a fraction of an inch, then round up to a full inch.
e.g. 27 ½ inches should be rounded up to 28 inches.

For an odd numbered measurement add five inches. For an even numbered measurement add six inches.
e.g. 27 inches in measurement plus 5 inches equals 32 inches.        
       28 inches in measurement plus 6 inches equals 34 inches.

This final number is your band size.
            e.g. 32 and 34 in band size, respectively.

Bust Size:

To determine your bust size, wrap a tape measure around your chest at the fullest part of your bust; note that the tape should be leveled and should not feel tight.

e.g. Take 34 inches for instance.

Cup Size:

The difference from the bust and band size is your cup size. Sizes go up according to every inch of difference.
            e.g. 34 inches minus 32 inches equals 2 inches. 
                   34 inches minus 34 inches equals 0 inches.

If there is none to less than an inch in difference, then you are an AA cup. Otherwise, one inch of difference is an A cup, two inches of difference is a B cup, three inches of difference is a C cup, and so forth.
            e.g. B cup and AA cup, respectively.

Bra Size:

Therefore your bra size corresponds to your band size and cup size.
            e.g. 32 B and 34 AA, respectively. 

Alternatively, refer to Figure 1, shown below, for a simplified approach. 

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