How To: Floral Headband

1) Supplies: Faux flowers, headband, hot glue gun, matches, ribbon, scissors.

2)  Light a match to singe the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying. Begin 
      to wrap the ribbon around the headband, then glue the under part of the 
      headband only. Note: About 60 inches of ribbon was used. 

3) Extend the wire stem of a flower and tuck it under the ribbon. Once you have 
     positioned it in to place, glue the base of the flower and hold in place as the 
     glue cools. Repeat this process for each flower, as many as you would like. 

4) As shown, start on the outer ends and work towards the center.
     Just the same, you may choose to begin at the center and work
     towards the ends or start from one end to the other instead.

5) Volia, your floral headband is complete. Now wear and enjoy!

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