Handmade: Holiday Gifts

We greatly encourage everyone to support and buy handmade. 

So glad that I came home for the weekend, otherwise I would have missed this year's local Senior Holiday Bazaar. This annual event takes place the second weekend of November, which features local senior citizen's handmade crafts for sale. Thus, additionally making the perfect holiday gift for family & friends!

Though, I must admit the shamed it would have been since I almost completely forgot about going; especially since I've made it a tradition to go for the past five years. The reason is primarily due to the great admiration I have for the artwork by Don Dorsa, featured below. I never leave without purchasing one of his stunningly beautiful pieces of art. Simply magnificent!

This cute little kitten caught my eye. Initially I thought about gifting it to my roommates but, decided to keep him... besides I already named him, Milo the cat. 

This piggly-wiggly was made by the H. F. Craft Group. All proceeds go to the Heritage Farmstead Museum to  preserve and interpret life on the Blackland Prarie dating from 1890  to 1940. Apart from supporting this lovely local farm, I bought this for my sister because she adores pigs. She's going to love it for sure!

That'll do pig, that'll do.

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