How To: Detachable Collar

Create a delightful detachable collar with your own custom pattern!

1) Supplies: A shirt with preferred collar, Button, Desired fabric, Lining fabric,
    Newspaper, Pencil, Pins & Needles, Scissors, Sewing Machine, and Thread.

2) The pattern is to be made out of an existing garment, choose one with the
    style you choose to emulate. Lay the shirt down, right side up, and trace the
    shape of the collar on to the newspaper; be sure to augment it by at least 
    half an inch for seam allowance. Fold the collar over and trace the neckline.

3) Cut and fold it in half. Match edges & trim unevenness to ensure symmetry. 

4) Leave the pattern folded in half. Also fold the lining fabric, lay & pin 
    down the pattern over two layers of fabric. Cut around the pattern, 
    which results in two separate halves of the collar. Repeat to main fabric.

5) Lay the lining fabric, right sides facing each other, and pin. Sew the two 
    separate halves together along the back straight edge of the collar.

6) Lay out the lining fabric and main fabric, right sides facing each other, 
    and pin them together along the outer edges of the collar.

7) While pins are in place, baste stitch along with a needle and thread.

8) Remove all pins and straight stitch all around with a sewing machine.

9) Place the collar inside out by the remaining opening along the front center.

10)Gather a needle and matching thread and hand stitch this opening shut.

11) Sew on a button to one side of the collar. Sew a loop closure on the other
       side using either bias tape, lace, ribbon, scrap fabric, string or other.

Voila, save the pattern for future use or make more with a different style collar!

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  1. (* o *) <3
    I love peter pan collars and fake fur!
    That button is especially cute too! ^__^

    thanks for the great tutorials!

    1. You're welcome, I'll plan on posting more tutorials soon ;]
      ♡ Dulce