How To: Perfect Notebook

Learn how to transform an ordinary notebook binding from spiral to perfect?

   Note that the following process may also be used with loose leaf or other
   choice of writing paper along with your preferred cover material.

1) Supplies: Clips, cover material, craft brush, craft glue, scissors, & notebook.

2) Open the ends of the spiraled wire and unscrew the binding out from the
     notebook. Maintain the cover and pages neatly intact. Discard the wire.

3) Use clips to hold all the pages together and in place.

4) Dip the craft brush in the glue. Begin to coat a layer on this exposed end.
    * Remember to rinse your brush between coats to preserve it during use.

5) Allow the glue to dry before adding a second coat. Additionally, glue
    along the edges and the punched holes of the spiral on both sides.
    The glue should appear nice and clear once it has completely dried.

6) Measure your cover material so that it properly fits the notebook; if
     necessary trim it with scissors. Place the cover around the notebook.

7) Place a coat of glue on the mating edges of the notebook and inside
    cover. Place the clips along this binding to help it set while the glue dries.

8) Wait for the binding to completely dried. Now reinforce the new cover with
    the original notebook by coating the surface with glue and press together.

9) Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Voila, your perfect notebook is finished!
    Commence writing and enjoy. I use this for my self, as my gratitude journal.

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