Inspiration: Happy Girls are the prettiest

The New Year has arrived, 2013!

While it seems to be a time to set New Year's Resolutions for most, my sister &
I never do. Instead we regularly set goals for ourselves throughout the year.

To share one common goal, which is to be evermost optimistic. Well, not to say that we're never happy, we would just like to maintain our selves in high spirits.
That is, primarily, against the constant stress of life's trails and tribulations.

Thus, we shall begin writing our own, personal, gratitude journal. A Gratitude Journal is quite literally just that, a journal of one's gratitude; allowing one to continually reflect and inspire positive aspects of life for optimum happiness.

We hope that this year is filled with happiness for you all! Perhaps, start your
very own journal too. It's quite effortless. Here's a glimpse of my first entry.

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1 comment:

  1. Ooh I like this goal and the idea of a gratitude journal! :)