• DIY: Mermaid Headboard

     Under the sea, under the sea.  
    ♪ Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me. 
    I really am a mermaid, remember?

    Now to compliment the appropriate scenery, I present my very own mermaid headboard.
    A most delightful DIY project thus far.

    As for the construction, the headboard is formed from xps insulation foam; a wondrous and easy to use material. The front and back where paint pink and mint, respectfully. Then, upholstered with sheer/iridescent fabric. Along with the final touch, a wooden base frame to mount the headboard to the bed.

    A dear source of inspiration stems from the renowned 'Mermaid Shell Headboard' by Sticky Pixies.

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