DIY: Princess Jasmine

 A whole new world. That's where we'll be 
♪ A thrilling chase. A wonderful place. For you and me. 

Happy-happy Halloween! Circa 1995, we both dressed as Princess Jasmine. 

♡ Jazmin 
♡ Dulce 
The basis of our DIY & crafting endeavors stems from childhood, attributed by our dearest mother; who, in particular, bespoke these very costumes for us. 

  Jazmin: Oh, to be a kid on Halloween in the 1990's! Candy, the excitement and the costumes! I LOVED this costume. Not only because my mom made it for me (and my sister) but because it just made it that more special. No wonder Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love sharing these memories with my sister!

  Dulce: At that time and age, I always looked up to my (big) sister; so if she was dressing up as Jasmine, then I too had to dress up as Jasmine. Gosh, we were too-too darling like two peas in a pod with much delight. Much fun and joy to be young on Halloween with an added whim of magic and enchantment! 

On All Hallows' Eve, may you all be merry with fright, be safe and sleep tight.

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