DIY: Triceratops Bag

This precious design is based and inspired by Giles Deacon's Triceratops bag.

In honor of my sister's birthday and her fascination for dinosaurs, I took it upon myself to create a DIY version especially for her. I just know that she'll love it for sure. Incredibly so, I managed to make it entirely from scratch!

Luckily, I had just enough fleece and felt fabric at hand. Also, it happens to be quite typical of me to have pastel toned fabric around and available for use.

And so, as with any project I first had to drafted out the pattern. For reference, I browsed various pattern from The Creative Book of Soft Toys as a general outline. Note that I scaled it slightly smaller; essentially, for her own practicality.

Then it was as simple as sewing each piece together like a puzzle. Since the defining and focal point is the head, itself, I spent the most time sewing each and every detail. Followed by constructing the body, or bag, and legs. To finish, sewing the pink felt strap and adding a button enclosure. Wunderbar!!

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  1. Ahhh, this is so cute! I've always wanted a triceratops purse, and seeing this one (in a pastel colorway too!) has definitely inspired me to try making my own. ^_^

    1. Thank you! I have fabric remnants piling up so I'll probably be making another one too :)
      ♡ Dulce

    2. its soooo cute!! could u upload the patterns please?

    3. Thank you!! We have been on hiatus for some time now and do not expect to upload a pattern for this. Perhaps we will be open to custom orders, but in the meantime we have a super cute purple Triceratops Bag ready to ship: http://vivaladiy.storenvy.com/products/16764051-triceratops-bag
      ♡ Dulce