How To: Beauty Cream

Considering the ever most expanding production of beauty creams:
blemish balms, color corrections, and daily deference/dynamic do-alls.

An overwhelming amount of these beauty products advertise to be the perfect one. Truth be told, it is a subjective matter; i.e. what works for one does not work for all. Yet, it is still concerning to pick and choose one that is truly ideal.

Personally, I cannot afford to buy each and every single brand until I find the right one. All the while, the products that I currently use are decent enough. That being, I decided to concoct my very own 'beauty cream' using those very promising products that work for me. Likewise, this method may be applied and modified to best fit your own personal skincare needs.

1) Supplies include a sanitized container, such as a travel sized bottle, along
    with any cosmetics and creams to achieve your desired goal and purpose.
    Choose products that are right for you. For instance, my products reflect my
    skin type and most basic skincare routine.

2) Next for discussion, your choice of primer. It may seem rather unusual but, 
    as of late, I have resorted to chaffing gel. According to a remarkable find 
    made by My Vanity Basics, reveals an intriguing yet uncanny similarity 
    between the active ingredients in Monistat Chaffing Gel and Smashbox
    Photo Finish Primer. Regardless, follow your instincts and use whatever 
    product you are most comfortable with and works best with your skin.

3) An added tint of color with a liquid foundation along with necessary 
    correction as needed. Address to better enhanced your complexion.
    My preferred choice reflect a matte and flawless finish. The amount
    to use depends on the amount of coverage you need. For myself, I
    chose mine to be sheer to light by using just a pea size of each. 

4) Proper protection and coverage by using primer and/or serum.
    Improve skin texture by refining pores, fine lines, blemished, aging,
    sun care and so forth. Again, the amount to use depends on your
    desired coverage. As for mine, I decided to used about one fourth
    to one third of each.

5) Begin to blend the mixture together. Check for an even consistency. 

6) Add the base filler, cream and/or lotion. Choose a trusty moisturizer 
    that meets your needs. To determine the correct amount to add just 
    depends on your preferred consistency. Though, the cream mixture 
    should not be too thick nor runny.     

7) Once the mixture is blended evenly, it is finished and ready to use.

8) To put mine to the test, here is a demonstration; without and with.
     Even though it's not the fullest coverage, it gives me that natural
     "no makeup" look. Great for daily use, I'm quite satisfied. :]

Another advantage of combining all these products into one is the time saving benefit; much better than applying each individually, one by one. Plus formulating your own beauty cream, custom-made to your personal preference, is inexpensive and most definitely worthwhile. Give it a try!

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  1. very smart! perfect!! XO!!! Hope you're having a great weekend doll!
    love, polly

    1. You're too sweet, thanks! :]
      ♡ Dulce