How To: Repurpose Lip Balm Tubes

There are so many great ways to repurpose/upcycle ordinary items. On the other hand you could, very well, buy a replacement item but, the whole point is to work with what you have and make it into something new and exciting.   

One item in particular is lip balm. Certainly, most of us have that used up lip balm around in mist of disposal; well, let's seize the opportunity and repurpose!

1) The basic supplies include the following: used lip balm tubes, q-tips, paper
    towels, needle nose pliers, dish soap, and a cooking pot. In my case, I have
    leftover Jell-O Lip Smaker ® to demonstrate the process. Now, let's begin!

2) The simplest task it to remove the wrapper and lid.

3) Next, cover your work area with a paper towel. Then scoop 
    out as much of the left behind lip balm as possible with a q-tip. 

 4) In order to remove that inner component, shown below,
     gently pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

5) Swap the inside of the tube with another q-tip.

6) Fill the tube and inner component with dish soap. Place the cap back on
    and shake the soap filled tubes to better distribute it. Again, cover the area
    with more paper towels to make for easy clean up.

7) Fill up your cooking pot with water. Place on the stove and heat to medium-
    high. Do not allow the water to boil, that is, if it's too hot it may cause the
    tube to plastically deform. Then remove the pot from the heat. Take off
    the caps from the tubes and submerge all components into the hot water.
    Let sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

8) One by one, begin to remove any residue from each with a q-tip. Use
    caution, for the water may be a bit too hot for you to directly handle.
    Then refill the tubes with soapy water before placing them back in.

9) Place the tubes in the warm water and let sit until it has cooled.

10) Rinse each component out with the cooled water and set aside.

11) Dispose of the soapy water. Clean the cooking pot and fill with water,
      bring to medium-high heat on the stove. Re-submerge the tubes.
      Let sit for another ten to fifteen minutes before taking out the tubes.

12) Place the tube components face down to dry on a paper towel.
      An even further cleanse is to place the tubes in the dishwasher for
      added sanitation. Once that's complete, you're done. Bravo!

With endless possibilities, you're set to use your lip balm tubes as you wish. 
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