How To: Nail Deco

Greetings, fellow crafters!

Recently, I was gifted this lovely set of Dippin' Dots® scented nail polish and was emotively inspired by all the colors. Instantaneously, it hit me, nail Deco!! I've used this method before, but it's been far too long; so I might as well share 'How To' do it yourself. Just have your nails priped and primed beforehand. 

1) Supplies included the following: a fine point pen, paper, scissors, tweezers, 
    and your choice of nail polishes corresponding to your desired design.

2) Take pen to paper and doodle your preferred design(s), then color in with
     nail polish. Be sure the size measures in relative proportion to your nail.

3) If you're short of ideas, browse our nail board via Pinterest for inspiration. :]

4) Once the polish has dried, cut out each individual design with scissors. 

5) Adhere your deco directly onto a freshly painted base coat and or color.

7) Delicately press down all edges with tweezers for a smooth surface.

7) Seal your designs with a top and or clear coat of polish. (Mine's glittery!!)

8) Let the polish completely dry and then you're done!

Excuse me for enjoying myself as I sniff my Dippin' Dots® scented nails. *whiff whiff* 

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