How To: Body Butter

Body butter is an excellent and natural way to moisturize during these cold and drying winter months. Most suitabley, what better way to replenish your skin by inexpensively make your very own? Chances are you already have some, if not all, of the ingredients right in your kitchen. Plus, make your own lovely labels like these via Free Pretty Things For You! to add a delightfully personal touch. 

1) Supplies are as follows, from left to right: Organic virgin coconut oil, spearmint
    essential oil*, organic virgin olive oil, beeswax, container or mold, & vitamin E.
     *Note: Feel free to substitute with your preferred essence/ essential oil.

2) Since an entire pound of beeswax it too much to start off with, begin shaving
    by the method shown below; that is, cautiously handle the hammer & knife.
    Alternatively I'd recommend beeswax pellets, which are more manageable.

3) Set up a baƱo maria, or water bath, and turn stove on medium heat. 

4) The ingredients are proportional to each other with a ratio of one to one. In
    my case, I measured one cup of beeswax shavings. Then placed in the bowl
    and waited until the wax thoroughly melted.

5) Now add the remaining ingredients. Measure one cup of each oil and one
    tablespoon of vitamin e. As for the essential oil, add as many drops until
    desired scent is reached; remember that a little goes a long way.

6) Gently stir to melt and maintain a homogeneous mixture.     

7) Prepare your container(s) and or mold(s) and set aside.

8) Use a measuring cup or ladle to pour the mixture into your container(s)
    or mold(s). After contents have been all poured out, turn off the stove.

9) Allow to cool off on a flat surface.

10) While waiting for the body butter to solidify, begin to clean.
       Rinse utensils thoroughly with plenty of soap and water.

11) Once the body butter is completely solid, you're done! That's it. :]

12) Take out of the mold(s) to use. Store in an air-tight container. Enjoy!

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