DIY: Cat Coat & Skirt

♡ Vivietta SS 2010 

These designs are based on Vivetta's esteemed Cat Coat and Cat Skirt.

Imagine, I created these two using scraps of felt fabric! Well it may not be an authentic or original,  but at least it grasps the essence that is Vivetta. Meow!

For the skirt, I opted for a pencil cut. Since I sewed it on a whim, I did not make a pattern for it; although I did use another skirt of mine as a guide. More so, in midst of a process to which I take scissors to fabric and just start cutting an indistinguishable garment. Only when it's all sewn and done does it come together neatly and polished. (Whelp, does anyone else relate to this bizarre sewing method?) Thereafter, it was a matter of ears and pockets. ^ ^

As for the coat, I simply embellished the pockets with flaps and gathered the back with a bow. The coat itself is from Forever XXI dating back about two and a half years ago. At the time I did not intend to buy a coat but, the price was too good to be. Since then this very coat has been hanging in my closet, being that I've seldomly worn it; and now, it has become the coat I wear the most. 

Finally but not least, I sorted through my bead and button collection for those button eyes and jeweled nose. At once, the moment I sewed them on, the skirt came to life with eyes and nose glistening so bright. Arrivederci e viva Vivetta!!

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  1. Omg I love these! The coat looks adorable now!