DIY: Lisa Frank Purse


Presenting my very own Lisa Frank purse, which I've paired with my DIY Vivetta cat skirt. Purrfect!

For the love of Lisa Frank, made out of a lovely cigar box* and embellished with glitter and stickers.

*Please note: while there is a plethora of cigar box upcycles, I don't promote smoking by any means.  Nonetheless, these boxes are exceptionally well made and excellent for all sorts of projects.  

As with any woodworking, best to prepare the surface prior to painting by sanding until smooth. In the case of removing any sticky labels, goo gone works like magic. Remember, always pre-drill holes to prevent the wood from splitting; otherwise, it may be quite unaesthetic and unfortunate.

So, in my case, I prepped the surface and used matte acrylic to paint. Also, I sprayed painted the interior a bold shade of pink. Once the paint had dried, I then proceed to add the stickers and sealed the surface with matte Mod Podge along with some glitter. Well, I actually did two to three coats to securely set the glitter.

Afterwards, I went to the hardware store and bought a packet of hinged frame hangers. I spray painted the hinges to match the interior prior to screwing them in place. As for the strap, I choose a glittery wire ribbon. I folded it to a decent width to fit the hinges before sewing it in place. In the meantime, while not in use, I like use it as a storage box to safe keep my Lisa Frank paraphernalia. Voilà! Ce très magnifique, n'est il pas vrai?

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  1. Aaaah, this is amazing! You are so good with stickers!

  2. I'm trying to make my own, but I just cant find the perfect box

    1. For an inexpensive find, perhaps try thrifting. It'll take some time and there's no guarantee on what you'll find, at first, but it may be worth trying :)
      ♡ Dulce