DIY: Mouthwash & Toothpaste

What is the purpose of mouthwash and toothpaste? Well ultimately, both aid is to maintain oral hygiene.
That is to clean,  freshen, whiten, preserve oral enamel, eliminate plaque and tartar, etcetera.

Yet, despite these desired benefits, we get more than bargained for. Yikes! That is, controversial substances and unpleasant toxins. Be advised to research "toothpaste controversy" to see it for yourselves.
Acetaldehyde: despite it naturally occurring, high concentrations or prolong use causes irritation.
Sodium Floride: this is an inorganic substance that originates as a toxic waste by-product. It acts as a calcification agent, yet it is really a carcinogen that begins to accumulates in the body overtime.
Gluten: while this grain protein is harmless to most, it is detrimental to those with celiac disease.
Paraben: a preservative used to prolong shelf life, yet it actually accumulates in the body as a toxin.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: (SLS) this surfactant, which acts as a foaming agent, is actually an irritant.
Consider a holistic approach by consuming organic/natural substances. Best to do it yourself or, at least, use naturally manufactured products, which may be found at your local health store. Refer to the catalog below.

:: CATALOG of common (food grade) ingredients to concoct your own based on your particular oral care needs ::             

Anise: An adaptogen with antimicrobrial and astringent properties that freshens, soothes, and stimulates.
Aloe: An adaptogen that soothes by detoxifying and reducing inflammation.
Cinnamon: A mild spice with antimicrobial and astringent properties that cleanses, freshens and stimulates.
Clove: A mild spice with expectorant properties that soothes aches and inflammation.
Coconut oil: An antioxidant with antimicrobial properties that moisturizes and relieves inflammation.
Fennel: An antiseptic and expectorant that freshens, soothes, and relieves congestion.
Ginger: A mild spice with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and astringent properties that soothes and reduces infection and inflammation.
Hydrogen Peroxide: An oxidant that cleanses by whitening and eliminating bacteria.
Melaleuca: (Tea Tree) Anti-fungal properties that eliminates infection and reduces inflammation.
Oregano: An antihistamine and expectorant that soothes and eliminates inflammation and swelling. Also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Papain: An antioxidant that cleans and soothes by whitening and relieving irritation.
Peppermint: An adaptogen with astringent properties that cleanses and freshens. Also an expectorant that relives congestion and inflammation.
Sea Salt: An abrasive that brightens and cleanses. Also dehydrates bacteria by soothing sores and swelling.
Sodium Bicarbonate: (Baking Soda) An Abrasive that cleans and neutralizes by brightening, whitening and freshening.
Spearmint: An antibacterial with astringent properties that cleanses and freshens by eliminating bacteria.
Turmeric: An antioxidant that cleans, soothes and relieves inflammation.
Witch Hazel: An antiseptic with antibacterial and astringent properties that soothes and reduces inflammation.
// Xylithol & Glycerin: Sugar alcohols that flavor and sweeten; also provides a jelly consistency.

                   **DISCLAIMER: Viva La DIY is a not certified health practitioner. For any legally pending medical concerns, please consult with a licensed naturopathic health care practitioner and or dental professional. **

Keep in mind, do not believe everything that you're told and or read. We encourage all to self educate, do your own research. Ignorance is certainly not bliss, especially concerning our own overall well-being.

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