How To: Toothpaste

Our previous post was all about about DIY: Mouthwash & Toothpaste, so now I'll feature on how I make my own toothpaste. This certainly shows the process but it not limited to exactness. As always, feel free to personalize to your likeness and oral/dental needs.

1) Supplies are as follows, from left to right: a container, hydrogen peroxide, spearmint,
    peppermint gels, coconut oil, and baking soda. *oregano oil not shown

2) Begin the paste with (softened) room temperature coconut oil. 
    Fill up the container relatively half way with the oil.

3) Then fill the remaining half of the container with baking soda.

4) Next, use a spoon or craft stick to stir the oil and soda until homogeneous.
     The consistency should be pasty that is not too thick yet not too thin.
     * Note: this step may be messy; and so it may help to go by it little by little.  

5) Now add some hydrogen peroxide, just enough to soften the paste.
    For those with sensitive teeth may choose to go easy with the peroxide.

6) Add a few drops of food grade spearmint enough to taste.

7) Break open a couple gel capsules and add to the paste.

8) Similarly, add a few drops of food grade oregano oil.

9) Thoroughly mix before brushing and your toothpaste is now complete!

NOTE: Certain substances, such as essential oils, are light sensitive. 
Therefore, store in a dark place or perhaps opt for an opaque container to preserve. 

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  1. Wow this is so neat!! :)