How To: Bralet Pattern

Draft the pattern: Simple and easy to follow, let's begin!

English translation of Patrón Básico Brasier incluso tallas grandes via Zonia Cortez.

Supplies: compass or 30-60-90 triangle, french curve, measuring tape, paper, pencil or pen, metric ruler, scissors, and tape.

1) While maintaining the measuring tape parallel to the ground, measure the circumference of your chest at the fullest part of your bust. As a guide, refer to How to Measure Chest Size. Take note of this measurement in centimeters

2) First draw a square with the length equal to the radius of your bust, which is one tenth of your chest measurement. Then make it into a 2 x 2 grid.

      e.g. My chest size is 33 in which is 83.82 cm or rounded to the nearest whole number is 84 cm.
             r = 84 cm * 0.1 = 8.4 cm                  ℓ = r = 8.4 cm                   2ℓ x 2ℓ = 16.8 cm x 16.8 cm

3) Mark 3 cm below the left then 2 cm above and below the ride side of the horizontal center line. Next mark 3 cm diagonal at an angle of 30º from the bottom points. Make darts by marking 1 cm from the the left and right and above and below of the vertical center line. Lastly, mark 3 cm to the upper right of the vertical center line.

4) Now connect the dots with a ruler and a french curve.

5) Extend the grid at the bottom by 4 cm, the the left by 1 cm and to the right by 0.5 cm.

6) Draw a rectangle with the height equal to the length of the square and the width one eight of your chest measurement. Mark 2 cm below the upper left hand corner. Then mark a point that meets 5 cm to the left of the upper right corner and 4 cm above the lower right corner. Lastly, extend the bottom by 4 cm and then connect the lines.

7) Piece your patterns together. Note that this is the left side, mirror to create the right.

8) Finally cut out pattern and close the darts with tape.

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