How To: Ram Horns :: Part I

Cosplay is something that my husband has gotten into. Since I am dressing up as a fairy for Scarborough, my husband has decided he wants to dress up as a fawn. I decided to start with what I think will be the easiest part of the costume, which is the horns.

 Faun costume for Scarborough.

Faun costume for Scarborough.

After looking at many different types of horns, he decided he liked the shape of a ram’s horns. After watching a couple YouTube videos and browsing Pinterest, I discovered a great way to make the horns light weight and super affordable!

*** Disclaimer!!!! Please use protective hand gear and eye gear when working with the wire, it can be sharp and you can easily hurt yourself. *** 

I used a combination of:
  1. 1. Tin foil
  2. 2. Wire (I used 18 gauge)
  3. 3. Devil halloween makeup tutorial via ellimacs sfx makeup
  4. 4. Solo cup tutorial via eslamoda (it’s in Spanish but the pictures make it easy to follow) 

The only difference I made was the shape of the horns. I used a longer length of wire to mold and reshape them into the ram horn shape I wanted. To make the horns sturdier, I wrapped them in duct tape. Obviously, there is always a need for duct tape!

Right now, this is as far as I have gotten. Continue on to Part II!

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  1. fawn cosplay!!! :D sounds awesome.
    I love horns, can't wait to see part 2 >w<

    1. I'm so glad you like the horns! Part 2 should be up soon!! Thanks for your encouragement! It's awesome goddesses like you that help keep me inspired and confidant in my crafty designs.
      - Jazmin