How To: Ram Horns :: Part II

After completing Part I  and looking at my result, I decided that my horns needed more texture.

To do this I cut long strips of tin foil, approximately 2 inches wide, and folded them in thirds.

*** Note you are going to need a lot of pieces. Just cut and fold as you go. 

Since acrylic paint doesn’t stick well to tin foil, wrap duct tape around it. Continue to do this for all the pieces of foil you folded. Later on, this step will help when it comes to painting them.

*** Note: Make sure you have plenty prepared before placing them. (I recommend having at least 20-25 strips of foil wrapped in duct tape.)

In order for the horns to get my desired texture, I started at the tip and work my way down to the base. First, find where you want your ridges to begin. Then cut your pieces to the proper length and tape them in place. Spacing them all the way down the horn until you reach the middle section.

Next, begin to cover along the sides. (No need to cover the bottom because no one will see it.) Keep wrapping around the full circumference until you get to the base.

*** Note: Only cover up the parts that are visible.

I will post my progress on how I paint and attach them to a headband in Part III. If you happen to make your own set of horns, remember the sky is the limit and please tag us on social media: #vivalaDIY (insta: @vivaladiy_ )

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