Homemade: Gluten-free Vanilla Cake

This year, I made my friend a birthday cake for her birthday. She isn’t a picky eater and lucky for her, she doesn’t have a gluten allergy. However, since the cake would be going to a party, I needed to accommodate and make the cake gluten free and vegan.

I made a white vanilla cake and made some the substitutions to the flour (I used a gluten free substitute), milk (I used coconut milk) and eggs (I used ground flax seeds and water). I also whipped up some coconut cream with some maple syrup and used that as a frosting. I then decided to add cacao nibs to make the cake look pretty.

This cake turned out to be delicious and even the non-vegan non-gluten free eaters enjoyed it! I was really surprised to how well it turned out and I was even more glad that the birthday girl enjoyed it!

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  1. aww that looks so yummy! strawberries <3

    I think gluten free stuff is awesome :D it's so sad when some people are afraid to taste gluten free if they know it's gluten free.

    Glad your cake was a great success!! <3

    1. Thank you. So true about gluten free skepticism, it's really their loss.
      - Jazmin