How To: Triangle Shelf

Created a simply display to place these cute little aliens
For this project I used lightweight 1/4" plywood. This shelf measures 24" per side and 3" deep.

  • Circular saw
  • Duct tape
  • Pencil or pen

  • Ruler/ Measuring tape
  • Scissors 
  • Wood and wood glue
  • Paint and embellishments (optional)
  • Steps
    1. Measure and cut, I used (3) 24"x 3" and (3) 12"x 3" slats.
      TIP: I would recommend cutting the edges 45° for seamless edges.
    2. Duct tape the (3) 24" 3" slats together to form an equilateral triangle.
    3. Place wood glue along the inner edges, use generously.
    4. Center the (3) 12" 3" slats together inside the larger triangle and tape in place.
    5. Again, use generous amount of wood glue along the inner edges.
    6. Remove the tape once the glue has sufficiently dried. 
    7. Glue every vertex that have not been glued yet. Then allow the glue to cure.
    8. Leave it natural, paint or stain the wood to your perfected color.
      Personally, I decided to paint mine a cool mint color.
    9. Add embellishments, if you wish. I used iridescent organza on the backside. 
    10. Project is complete and ready to display, hooray! 

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    1. this is so hardcore cool <3 loving the design and that it's home of the little aliens >w<

      1. OMg, thank you so much!
        ♡ Dulce