Paint & Sip

:: Jazmin's first Paint & Sip Function ::
I had the very fortunate opportunity to host a Paint & Sip party for, my sister, Sarah's 30th birthday!

The event was large and full of family members. Many of whom claim they are not artistically inclined. Boy did this event change their minds! Many of them followed along as I guided them through painting this simple night time scene with a moon and birch trees.

I also helped those who wanted to do something a little different I also guided them through their own artistic process.

Whichever path the took, they came out looking great. We were all able to see the uniqueness within each person expressed though paint and put on canvas. I am so glad that art can help people in so many ways. I enjoyed teaching the class and I can’t wait to teach my next one, which is an open event Friday night, February 17th at Hearth Wisdom in Arlington.

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  1. that event sounds so magical <3 so cool that you hosted it :D wow!! <3

    I love the fact that all those paintings look so lovely together too, like a family of paintings! <3

    1. Awww <3 thank you!!! Yes it was! I enjoyed seeing how every family member is so unique and put their own magic in each piece.
      - Jazmin